WE MOVED! Visit us at our new furever home: 13524 River Rd, Destrehan, LA 70047

About Destrehan Animal Hospital

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Our Story

Destrehan Animal Hospital was established in 1989 by Dr. Jack A Moreau. The practice was opened up in the small town of Destrehan, La. It consists of care for small animals such as dogs and cats with occasional rabbits and guinea pigs. The practice started out really small consisting of Dr. Moreau, one receptionist, and two technicians. There was no in-house technology at all. The client’s info and patient info were written on small blue cards and stored in a file cabinet. The business has grown tremendously throughout the years. Destrehan Animal Hospital serves to care for animals throughout St. Charles parish on the east bank and west bank, extended throughout other parishes.

Today having served 32 years of animal care, the practice staff has grown tremendously. Dr. Moreau has since retired and Dr. Alexandra Carter has stepped into his shoes. This team works hard together to make a happy, healthy work environment. The clientele has grown phenomenally since St. Charles has become such a big community over the years, Hurricane Katrina, and the Corona pandemic. Everyone works hard to make the clients and their pets leave happy and want to tell others about us.

Destrehan Animal Hospital performs many services. These include: boarding, bathing, dental cleaning, multiple types of surgery procedures, appointments for annuals and sick pets, pet travel certificates, microchipping, nail trims, in-house urine and bloodwork, x rays, etc. We do our best to provide our clients with the best services. If we can’t fulfill services, we will refer to the specialist needed if it’s beyond our reach.

The hospital hours are 8am — 6pm Monday through Friday, and 8am -12pm on Saturdays. Doctors treat in-house pets and morning drop offs when they arrive at 8am. Book Appointments are seen from 9am-11:40p. Book Appointments are double-booked every 20 minutes for two doctors to see patients. The other doctor performs surgeries scheduled for the day and examines drop-offs. Doctors usually leave for lunch around 12 but stay close if needed. At 2 appointments start back up and triple booked. All three doctors see patients in three different rooms. Book Appointments are typically booked until 5:20. The technicians work with the doctors to perform in-house tests, draw up shots, draw blood, x rays, etc. to make the afternoons run smoother.

The staff and clientele have grown throughout the years, yet the small building hasn’t. It is good for what we have now but for the future hopes to open the doors to more veterinarians and veterinary technicians there is a need for building expansion. As for the hospital itself, I would recommend it to anyone in the parish and beyond.